The art room at Leicester High School is a hub of creativity fully equipped with a wide range of resources allowing students the opportunity to experiment and develop their skills. This blog is not only a further resource for students but also an opportunity to celebrate their successes in a more public forum.

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Constitutional Monarchy Association Reception

We were lucky enough to win the school prize of a competion held by The Constitutional Monarchy Association to raise student awareness of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Two girls travelled down toThe Guildhall in Windsor to receive the white board and projector which were presented by Lord and Lady Sudeley. It was a long journey but well worth it!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Photography Club Calendar

The Photography Club is a new venture for LHS, inspired by a number of students with a
genuine love of photography. The idea proved really popular and we are now in our third
term of running this extracurricular activity.
This term we have concentrated on macro photography. The results produced by the girls
were so impressive, we decided to publish them for all to see in the form of a calendar for
2013. The calendars will cost £7 and any profits will go to buying new photography
equipment for the club. Should you wish to make a purchase, please return a reply slip
from the letter, which has gone out via parent mail, confirming the amount and number required as soon as possible as supplies are limited.

We really hope you enjoy our work throughout the coming year and support this enterprise.

Year 8 Pop Art research pages

Monday, 5 November 2012

Year 7 Painted studies of wine bottles

Year 7 have been working very hard on their paint mixing and application skills to achieve these beautiful studies in just one and a half lessons.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Collagraph printing

The Year 12 AS art and design girls had a go on the new etching press today. They all produced their first ever collagraph print, which they will freely admit was harder than it looked!

Collagraphy is a printmaking process in which materials are applied to a rigid surface (such as paperboard or wood). The word is derived from the Greek word koll or kolla, meaning glue and graph, meaning the activity of drawing.Substances such as carborundum, acrylic texture mediums, sandpapers, string, cut card, leaves and grasses can all be used in creating the collograph plate.

The plate can be intaglio-inked, inked with a roller or paintbrush. Ink or pigment is applied to the collage, and the board is used to print onto paper or another material using either a printing press or various hand tools. The resulting print is termed a collagraph

(The year 12 project is based on 'Collections' and they are taking
their inspiration from clothes, hence the underwear!)

Different tonal effects and vibrant colours can be achieved with the technique due to the depth of relief and differential inking that results from the collagraph plate's highly textured surface. Collagraphy is a very open printmaking method. Ink may be applied to the upper surfaces of the plate with a brayer for a relief print, or ink may be applied to the entire board and then removed from the upper surfaces but remain in the spaces between objects, resulting in an intaglio print. A combination of both intaglio and relief methods may also be employed.

The new Hawthorn 405 etching press in action

Monday, 1 October 2012

Year 11 prints in progress

 As the Year 11 Natural Form projects near completion the girls start to create their final outcomes. Here are two examples of final prints which will be turned into dresses.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Sea Life Centre Visit

The new academic year began with a 'splash' as Year 10 paid a visit to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham to gather visual resources for their first project. They were able to take many inspirational photographs and drew lots of the fantastic creatures and plants on display to visitors at this amazing attraction.